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Powerful Repricing, Intelligent Sales Forecasting & Customized Reporting


Tell us how you want to work, and we’ll adapt to you. Do you prefer to be more hands-on? Hands-off? We’ll tailor your strategy and communications so you’re as involved as you want to be.


Choose the right offering that works for you. We’ll match you up with the people on our team who are most knowledgeable about the channels you want to prioritize.


Think of our experts as trusted members of your team. You can rest easy knowing that they’re going above and beyond to help you succeed.

About Us

Access the top book selling sites with a single click !!

At BookCommerce, we are dedicated to providing you a simple model to manage all your online bookselling needs by reducing the complexity, time, and efforts required in the bookselling business.

We have designed our software to help merchants effortlessly manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment as well as sell more books to more customers through online marketplaces.

Outsource the pain of handling multiple marketplaces to us and enjoy the gains with our multi-channel order management software.

Auto Inventory Syncing &
Multichannel Order Management

Synchronize your multichannel book inventory in real time and never sell what you don’t have. Continuous syncing across all marketplaces, inventory comparison and a single panel for order management from all marketplaces. All your orders at your finger tips and prioritize your rush orders first.

Powerful Repricing

Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the best strategy for your unique business whether that is an algorithmic, rule-based, or velocity pricing method to maximize profits and increase sales.

Choose from a powerful algorithmic repricing, demand-based repricing, or build your own custom repricing method; all fully integrated with FBA. Utilize real-time data to react at the speed of the market. See full details of your product competition including rank, feedback, and FBA/FBM competitors.

Inventory Management

By continuous syncing across the entire list of marketplaces, our software will never let you worry about your inventory management. No running out of inventory, No oversell as our software will take care of everything and at any point of time you can manage bulk data in one go.

We understand the need for real-time data to make optimal sales strategies and hence we avail you with the historical data on both your competitors’ and your own sales trends to give you the valuable insight needed to develop a marketplace-specific strategy

Order Management

Few clicks are all it takes to work with multiple channels no matter how many you are selling at. Single login to our software lets you focus on your business and spares you all the hassles and tedious work. You no longer have to think about how to fulfill orders faster.

Be it order consolidation for easily filtering of orders, notifying the customers, and printing of shipping labels, let our software do everything for you. We will also understand your need to design custom packing slips and so we are here to serve every need of your business.

Sell Everything, Everywhere with Champion Lister
Manage Inventory, Grow Profit

Solely managing your inventory and orders, in a market with a growing number of sales channels is quite troublesome. We understand and are here to help you create and manage listings, control inventory, and fulfill orders all from a single, automatic interface that you’ll love using. We are here with

  • One-click integrations to top-rated multiple channels
  • Effortlessly Manage Inventory
  • Control Multichannel Orders with Ease
  • Auto Inventory Syncing
  • Powerful Repricing
  • Intelligent Sales Forecasting
  • Intuitive Analytical Reports

And Many More, So What are You Waiting For? Being Your Journey with Champion Lister Today!

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