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Marketplace Listing Tools for Growing Brands

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All the tools you need to get your products in front of customers wherever they shop. Saving your time with our one-click integration to various marketplaces. Now spend more time growing your business instead of updating each online marketplace. Our multichannel inventory software does it for you.

Bulk Listing Tool

Whether you have 10 products or 1000, Bookcommerce helps you get them listed for sale quickly. With powerful variation management and a robust catalog at your fingertips, your customers will see your products just the way you want them to.

Set the listing rules for each marketplace or common rule for all marketplaces.
Listing rule based on criteria such as quantity on hand, category, inventory type, and more.
If a book meets your rules it lists automatically, so no need to upload a file or push a button.

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​​Solely managing your inventory and orders, in a market with a growing number of sales channels is quite troublesome. We understand and are here to help you create and manage listings, control inventory, and fulfil orders all from a single, automatic interface that you’ll love using.

So What are you waiting for?

List Books faster than ever before

Smart listing technology shortens the time needed to list your books. By remembering your settings as you go, Bookcommerce helps you ready each category of items you sell so you spend less time listing and more time selling.

Fast inventory updates
Know your inventory across all marketplaces.
Smart inventory management feature removes your listing everywhere when stock is exhausted on any marketplace

Automate, Optimize and Expand your book business with Bookcommerce

Update listings in quickly and easily

Need to make a change to one, or all, of your books? Bookcommerce links your listings back to one central catalog, so you only need to make a change once and it will update everywhere you sell.

Continuous syncing of listings across multiple marketplaces.
No running out of inventory. No overselling.
Synchronize your multichannel book inventory in real-time and never sell what you don’t have.